Rental FAQ

Rental FAQ

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What are the hours of operation and delivery time available for chairs—both sales and rentals?

Hours of Operation: M–F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Major Holidays — closed

Chair Delivery: In stock items 1–2 days (unless out of local distribution range); within a one week time frame is our goal if outside of local delivery area.

Out of Stock items purchased will need to be ordered—3 to 4 weeks depending on the size of equipment needed.

Are there rental guidelines?

Yes, Guidelines within the rental zone for delivery are 1 – 2 days. Please see Rental Map under rentals tab in the navigation bar.

All other areas are on an individual basis.

Terms: One week minimum for local area.
One month minimum for out of local area with delivery charge (includes pick up)
Straight rental—not a rent to own program.

What are some of the issues needed to be addressed in a home rental?

Door Width: Are your doors wide enough for the chair to fit through?

Stairs: Are there stairs either leading up to house and in the house? How many – will the driver get the chair into the house by himself?

Multi Level Homes

Flooring in home—wood, vinyl, laminate, carpet (shag, low level)

Do you rent to individuals as well as facilities?

Yes, there are some distance parameters—please call 1-866-916-1812 to discuss.

Do you rent to families or facilities after individual is discharged from hospice care?

Yes, you may either continue to rent the chair from us if it was our rental chair that was provided through the hospice company so that there is no disruption for the individual. Or we can bring a chair to the facility for the individual. The family may also opt to purchase a chair instead of renting.

What are my payment options?

Credit card / check/ cash

What sizes are the Mobility and Positioning Wheelchairs and what is the weight capacity?

Standard sizes are 17″,18” ,19″, 20”,21″ wide with seat depth of 17”. Larger sizes can be made in 2” increments: 22” 24” 26” and 28” wide (additional cost involved). Seat depth can also be increased to 20”.

Weight Capacity: 250/350 lbs relative to Model on most of the chairs—regardless of width of chair—1”-16 gauge steel is the frame of chairs (**bariatric chair has limited availability that has a weight capacity of 475 or 600 lbs, once again based on Model.)