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How can Broda wheelchairs save you money?

No additional cushions needed 95% of time

What sizes are the Broda chairs and what is the weight capacity?

Standard sizes are 18″ and 20″ wide with seat depth of 17″. Larger sizes can be made in 2″ increments: 22″ 24″ 26″ and 28″ wide (additional cost involved) Seat depth can also be increased to 20″.

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs on most of the chairs—regardless of width of chair—1″-16 gauge steel is the frame of chairs.

Shower chair is stainless 1″ steel and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. (bariatric chair is available that has a weight capacity of 800 lbs).

Note: Broda does have a new bariatric chair—the Vangard—Model 985 with a weight capacity of 600 lbs and is made from 26″ to 30″ wide.

How do I determine the size Broda Chair needed?

Height, Weight and whether female or male play a huge role in determining chair size . The charts and forms below can help you decide.

We encourage you to call during our business hours M-F 8:30 – 4:30 CST for any guidance if you are not sure. We have been sizing Broda Wheelchairs correctly for your loved ones for years, and would love to discuss and reassure you of any measurements needed.

What are the hours of operation and delivery times for chairs—both sales and rentals?

Hours of Operation: M–F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Major Holidays—closed

Chair Delivery: In stock items 1–2 days (unless out of local distribution range); within a one week time frame is our goal if outside of local delivery area.

Out of Stock purchased items will need to be ordered—3 to 4 weeks depending on the size of chair needed.

Are there accessories available for the Chairs?

Yes, there are color choices available however CEI stocks only one color—grey strap with Burgundy vinyl.

What is the difference in tilt-in-space and recline?

Tilt-in-space is the most important feature in a wheelchair—in an effort to reduce pressure, create comfort and to aid in repositioning. Broda™ seating chairs differ in the way our chairs tilt-in-space than most other chairs on the market, which is one reason why they are a superior wheelchair. Broda™ chairs are designed so that the back of the seat (buttocks) drops into the base of the chair when it is tilted. The front the chair remains in the same position as it was before tilt. This creates a wedge in the chair that provides safety, comfort, pressure reduction and positioning for the individual in the chair. Most chairs tilt on an axis, therefore the whole seat rotates toward the ceiling when tilting the individual (much like the new outdoor seating that is on the market today). This does provide pressure reduction, but also changes the eye level of the individual in the chair – they now are looking at the ceiling, instead straight ahead, which is a great feature of the Broda™ Chair you get a steady, straight ahead eye gaze. Axis tilting also elevates the individual in the chair—creating an awkward position.

Recline is a great feature in wheelchairs – but not necessarily the most useful. Recline works just like the lazy boy chairs – drops the back down toward the floor. This feels good for a short time, but puts pressure on the lower back region after a time. If you have ever laid flat in bed for any length of time—your lower back doesn’t have proper support in the curve and will begin to ache after a time of not changing position or elevating your upper body. Recline can also create sheer in the very thin skinned individuals.

A chair that can provide both tilt in space and recline is a chair that can provide excellent positional changes and well as overall comfort for the individual. To read more please Seating and Positioning Brochure.

How is a BRODA chair different than a Geri chair?

BRODA chairs offer unsurpassed pressure redistribution with our Comfort Tension Seating®. Helping to prevent pressure sores, the long term comfort of a BRODA chair is like no other! Infinitely adjustable tilt and recline provide superior positioning, helping to prevent slumping, sliding and falls. BRODA chairs offer incredible versatility and positioning unlike a geri-chair, such as adjustable arm height, shoulder bolsters, legrest length, as well as removable arms, independent elevating legrest and more!

Are BRODA chairs expensive?

BRODA chairs are actually very affordable and offer incredible value!

Aiding in:

  • Pressure sore prevention
  • Fall prevention
  • Staff and resident injury prevention
  • Reducing time and cost of caregiver burden
  • Improving resident comfort and overall behavior
  • Cost savings with unsurpassed durability
  • You can’t afford NOT to have BRODA in your facility!

Are BRODA chairs only for a specific type of user?

BRODA offers a variety of seating for various types of users: From Mobility chairs, Shower Commode, Tilt and Recline Positioning, Gliders to Bariatric, our chairs solve a wide variety of issues in Skilled Nursing, Hospice, Hospitals and More!

When would I use a BRODA chair?

BRODA chairs are used for a variety of needs beyond corrective positioning. A BRODA chair can be used for every day seating challenges as well as for difficult seating challenges. The key is Prevention! Read More…
When to use a Broda!